Partnering with and maximizing the value of firms in the Water Industry.


LionsWing Water LLC's focus is to maximize its value to clients and stakeholders. We partner with water treatment operations companies who service the municipal and industrial markets. We then maximize the firms’ value by optimizing the services, products and technology.
Thomas R Barr
Thomas R. Barr, Founder/CEO

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Experience in both Business Acquisition
and the Water Industry

LionsWing Water LLC is led by Thomas R. Barr, Founder and CEO.

Mr. Barr began his career in the water and wastewater industry in 1984. He has focused his business career on three areas of expertise:

  • Transactions: over twenty years
  • Capital Raising: have invested over $100 Million with $375 Million in revenues acquired
  • Value Maximization: over twenty years of experience

He has served as Fund Advisor for:


The world is facing the significant challenges of climate change. The relationship between Climate, Weather, and Water has never been so acute today and beyond.

Safe water is the primary prerequisite for public health and ALL human activities. Properly treated water and wastewaster is vital to a sustainable and growing economy and the well-being of its citizens.